Kids Bicycles

Kids Bicycles.  We carry a full line of bicycles made for children ages 3 thru 12 years of age.  Our kids bicycles are fully assembled and come with free adjustments the first year and a complete tune-up at the end of the first year.

kids bicycles

Specialized Hotrock 12 inch wheel bicycles.  For the littlest rider ready to hit the driveway or park.  Two colors available in both boys and girls colors.

Hotrock 12 inch.        $210

kids bicycles

Hotrock 16 inch wheel.  The 16 inch wheel works well for ages 4-6.  Training wheels are removal in less than a minute and makes this bicycle the perfect choice for that quick, impromptu attempt to ride without training wheels.  Comes in two colors and both boys and girls models.

Hotrock 16 inch    $230

kids bicycles

Specialized Hotrock 20 inch wheel.  The largest of the Hotrock Coaster brake series the 20 inch comes with a coaster brake (pedal) and a rear hand brake to get your child used to riding with hand brakes only.  Three colors available in both boys and girls models this bike is suited for ages 4-8.

Hotrock 20 inch.     $250

kids bicycles

Hotrock 20 wheel with 6 speed shifter.  Ready for gears and hand brakes?  The Hotrock 6 speed fits riders ages 4-8 but includes gears and brakes just like mom and dads bike.  Easy to shift 6 speed grip shift shifter and adjustable reach brake levers will get your child safely down the street or trail and will allow them to ride easier and faster to keep up during family rides.  Available in boys and girls and several colors of each.

Hotrock 20 inch 6 speed.    $360

kids bicycles

Specialized Hotrock 24 inch wheel 7 Speed.  The 24 inch wheel is for ages 7-12 and is just a scaled down version of an adult bicycle.  7 speed grip shift shifter and adjustable brake levers for small hands.  The 7 speed comes with a rigid front fork and makes the bike lighter and easier to handle.  Both boys and girls colors this is one of our more popular models.

Hotrock 24 inch, 7 speed.    $380

kids bicycles

Specialized Hotrock 24 inch wheel 21 speed.  The 21 speed uses grip shift shifters for both front and rear 3 x 7 shifting.  The 21 speed also comes with a front shock which makes for a more stable bike when the road gets bumpy.

Hotrock 24 inch 21 speed.   $420