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Thurman’s Bike & Sport carries a complete line of fitness equipment and accessories year round to keep you fit. Whether it is in the dead of winter or the heat and humidity of summer we have the equipment to keep you excited about your workout program.

Spirit Fitness XT 385

XT 385

Treadmills continue to be strong sellers for the home users and we carry the full line of treadmills by Spirit Fitness, Xterra and Landice.  The Spirit Fitness  and Xterra models are designed for the home and have easy to use features and great warranty and service.  Spirit Fitness and Landice also make commercial equipment which are very dependable in our fitness centers, colleges and medical facilities. Warranty for both Spirit Fitness and Landice are excellent and for most of their products the warranty is ten years or longer.

Landice E7 Elliptical

Landice E7 Elliptical

Ellipticals are changing and improving every year and we have several product lines that I feel have some of the best products. Spirit Fitness has both “spinning” and conventional ellipticals and have the smoothest feel of any brands.  Landice has the Elliptimill which has a smaller footprint and an adjustable stride length.  Ellipticals are a product you need to try out before purchasing because no two brands or models feel the same.

Fitness EquipmentWe also carry a full line of recumbent exercise bikes that are both comfortable and offer walk thru seating. Adjustable back rests and seat angle allow you the user to custom fit your bike. These bikes provide a very low impact cardio workout and for individuals that are new to exercising or have some physical restraints a good choice as a first piece of equipment to purchase.

CRS 800 Stepper

A new addition to our line are recumbent steppers.  Spirit Fitness makes a residential/commercial stepper and we keep a demo model on the floor.  Very smooth flywheel action that glides much better than other brands that use hydraulic cylinders do actuate the arms and legs.

All of our pricing includes free delivery within a 75 mile radius. We install, adjust and then demonstrate all the features of your new equipment. Thurman’s Bike & Sport also handles all warranty and non-warranty repairs of the equipment we sell.

With 30 plus years of fitness equipment sales in the Midwest, no one knows more about repairs and maintenance then the staff of Thurman’s Bike & Sport. When it comes to Commercial Sales no one can match our pricing, service and extended labor warranty. We have been providing equipment to Fitness Centers, schools, hospitals and hotels for over 25 years. Our commercial customers continue to call us when it’s time to update or replace their equipment.

A letter from Jim about buying an Elliptical

Jim’s Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

Our service and knowledge base makes us your best choice when it comes to your new purchase. Our product line sells itself and you will not receive a pressured sales pitch. Bring your running or walking shoes and test out our equipment as much as you like. Compare it to what other products are out there and I think you will find that Thurman’s Bike & Sport offers a great line of products and excellent service to keep you exercising for many years to come.