At Thurman’s we trade for new equipment going out.  Check with us if there is something you are looking for and we can keep an eye out for it when we do trade.  Most of our trade in equipment will have a 6 month or 1 year warranty for electronics but some equipment is “as is” and has no store warranty.

Spirit Fitness XE395 elliptical.  This is a 5 year old machine in great shape and will carry a one year warranty on all electronics.  This has both an electronic resistance and electronic ramps that raise and lower and change the shape of travel.  Brand new they are still available at $1899.  This used one is on sale for $799.



Landice L9 Sports Trainer Treadmill.  We frequently trade new for used with Peru State College.  Their equipment is always in excellent condition and we clean and replace any wear parts.  Because of the longevity of Landice equipment we install a new motor controller, walking belt and deck.  This is a $4,500 commercial unit for $2,100.  In the home it will run for 10-20 years with no service and another 10 in a school or fitness facility.  One year warranty on electronics and this is a 5 year old machine.  This is a runner’s dream machine.





















Star Trac Commercial Elliptical.  This piece of equipment also came out of the Lied Conference Center and is 10 years old.  No warranty but it is in great shape just waiting to be cleaned up and run through a final check-out.  $300.



Spirit Fitness CT800 Commercial Treadmill.  These are great treadmills for schools or serious runners.  Very large and wide walking belt and built to last.  Very popular model for our store and we have quite a few of these in schools, homes, hospitals and hotels.  The pictures below are of the one that just went out the door.  We have a second one that came in that is awaiting a new motor, belt and deck and it will look and run like new.  One year electronics warranty on this one.  $3999 for the new CT800.  This one ready to go cleaned and new parts will be $1,200.