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Thurman’s Bike & Sport started in a modest store front in downtown Nebraska City in 1981 and has expanded three times over the years.  The newest store now has 6,600 square feet with 5,000 of that footage dedicated to the showroom floor. Geo-thermal heat pumps provide heating and cooling to the store using 40,000 feet of tubing, 200 feet below the building structures.  Six inch thick concrete floor, twelve-inch thick walls and double glass windows provide very little temperature change and makes this store a very efficient building to heat and cool.  Eight, seven-foot fans also help in the cooling and heating of the 5,000 show room floor with 22 foot vaulted ceilings.

shop2Recycled stone was used to make up the four columns that hold up the main beams in the store and recycled barn wood was used for window shelves, counter tops and to wrap the massive beams.  Every attempt during the construction of this store recycled materials were used first including the insulation that was blown into the ceiling.  The new store sits on a former filling station lot that was leveled and the ground and ground water was remediated of all contamination before and during the construction of the new store.

shop1Finally, to have a little fun a fish and turtle pond was built into the showroom.  With over 200 gallons of water this pond features running water, turtles, koi and catfish.  It’s been a great attraction that keeps small kids interests while their parents shop for bicycles.  Our turtles are often sun bathing on the rocks which invites the commonly heard question, “Our the real?”



Milo  a.k.a. "Shop Dog"

Milo a.k.a. “Shop Dog”

Not to be out done, meet Milo, our English Setter.  Milo is now going on six years and usually greets most of our visitors and customers.  Milo works seven days a week most weeks but occasionally refuses to leave the house and instead hides somewhere in our home.  He has a lot of play toys in the store and we’ll be happy to play catch or chase young boys and girls around.  He also loves to be scratched and will show his gratitude by leaning his full weight on you.



shop4Thurman’s Bike & Sport is a full line bicycle shop and sporting goods store.  We sell the full line of Specialized bicycles and have a repair shop that repairs all brands of bicycles and fitness equipment.  We also carry treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes by Spirit Fitness and Landice.  Thurman’s Bike & Sport is the only sporting goods store in Nebraska City or the area and we carry baseball, softball, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer equipment and apparel.  We work with all the area youth teams and clubs and also make most of the team uniforms.

store good picThere is a lot to see in our store and you’re always welcome to just browse if you’re visiting from another city or state.

Thurman’s Bike & Sport.   A family run business that has been providing Bicycles and sporting goods for 35 years.

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