Dunbar Ride

The Dunbar Ride

Dunbar is our bread and butter ride.  It has some great small hills to keep it exciting and some long flat sections to keep it fast.    The out-and-back format makes it easy to customize the ride for any distance.  The hills on this route are about 6%-8% grade. This ride also serves as a backbone for many of our longer rides.

The Route:


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Elevation Profile and More Info

Start from the Shop.  Cruise up to Central and head west.  When you hit the “T” intersection go left across the wooden bridge.  Climb the hill past Arbor Lodge and Wildwood Golf Course to 4th Corso.  Go right on 4th Corso.

Here is where the ride really starts.  Take 4th Corso out of town.  It soon will merge into the new 4 lane highway 2.  Please take caution with the exit and entrance ramps.  Once on Highway 2, stay on the shoulder.  This is a busy 4 lane highway, but the shoulder is wide and smooth and protected with a rumble strip.  Keep your head up for the first left hand turn.  You will have to ride across both lanes to make this left hander so be careful with traffic.

Your first left hand turn off Highway 2 will be County Road 58.  It is paved and quickly becomes a short, steep hill.  Ride County Road 58 about a half mile until it intersects with I Road.  I Road is the old Highway 2 before they put in the 4 lane.  The road surface is still in good shape, it has great hills, and very low traffic.  Head west on I Road to Dunbar.