OPPD Hill Ride


OPPD is an intense short workout ride.  The purpose of this ride is to build up legs on one of the longest, steepest hills in the area.  It also has excellent scenery and can be used to take you to the Steamboat Trace Trailhead.

The Route:

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Start from the Shop.  Head up to central and down past the highschool, The Leid Center, and Wildwood Golf Course like you would for a Dunbar ride.  Head West on 4th Corso towards Highway 2. Take the ramp to Highway 75 South and jump on the J. Sterling Morton Beltway.  Be careful on this 4 lane Highway and stay on the shoulder.

Ride the Beltway to Highway 75 South and go Right.  In about a mile you will see a sign for a left hand turn to OPPD Powerstation and a brown sign for the Steamboat Trace Trailhead.  This is K Road.  Head East down K and enjoy the long downhill.  About 5 miles down K Road is where the fun starts.  You will see a climb that turns South at the top.  This hill is always harder than it looks.  The turn hides the rest of the climb.  When you get to the top of this hill, the trees open up and you get a great view of the Missouri River Bottom.

That’s where you are headed.   The Road is going to turn into a very long, steep downhill.  Enjoy the speed, but watch for turkeys, who ofter come out of the ditch at the worst time.  At the bottom of the hill, the road crosses some railroad tracks and flattens out.  Enjoy the flat road and spin up to the private property sign before you turn around.

Turn around and head back up the hill.  This is a great hill to build up legs and to repeats on.  Be careful, the last pitch is deceivingly hard.   Suffer through all the small hills and the gradual climb back towards Highway 75. Head back North to town.  When you reach the light take a right and come into town the back way.  It is much easier than turning left at that scary intersection.  Be very cautious here, this intersection has been rated the 3rd deadliest intersection in the country. 

Come in to town on Business Highway 2 past the grain elevator.  This is a fun and very pretty stretch of road.