The Lorton Loop

The Lorton Loop

The Lorton Loop is a great ride for getting a few more miles in and changing up the scenery a bit.  It takes you through some great rolling hills on lightly traveled roads.

The Route:

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Elevation Profile and More Information

Start from the shop and head out towards Dunbar.  From Dunbar ride South on Highway 67, or S 46th Rd.  This road is going to have the shortest, steepest hills of your ride.  This is a great time to get out of the saddle and do intervals.  Save your energy and a gear for the occasional dog that takes chase.  I haven’t had many problems here but there is the occasional dog here.  Watch out for the “Lorton Ghost Dog”  as we call him.  He’s a harmless Great Dane that always seems to come out of nowhere and end up standing on the side of the road.

The road will come to a “T”, hang left.  This will take you past the booming town of Lorton, Population:~12.  From here you can take Highway 128 back to Highway 75 and complete the Loop.  Highway 128 has some very long, gradual climbs.  This is about a 30 mile ride

You can also jog to where Highway 67 goes South again To Talmage.   From Talmage take R Road back to Highway 75.  This is a 40 mile ride.